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Amy's Orgasm - 2001
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Movie Overview:
Amy's Orgasm is about a woman who gives advice on relationships while trying to make sense of her own problems with the opposite sex. Amy (Julie Davis) is a single woman in her mid-twenties who has recently published a self-help book called Why Love Doesn't Work, in which she discusses why a woman doesn't need a husband or a boyfriend to feel fulfilled. But Amy isn't so sure she believes her own advice, and after four years without a steady relationship, she wants a man in her life. As Amy's book hits the stores, Janet (Caroline Aaron), a friend who works as a publicist for her publisher books a spot on a radio show hosted by Matthew Starr (Nick Chinlund), a popular "shock jock." Matthew is the kind of man Amy warns her readers to stay away from, but finds herself attracted to him and him to her.
Cast Listing:
Amy Mandell ... Julie Davis
Matthew Starr ... Nick Chinlund
Janet Gaines ... Caroline Aaron
Don ... Mitchell Whitfield
Elizabeth ... Jennifer Bransford
Priest ... Jeff Cesario
Amy's Mom ... Mary Ellen Trainor
Amy's Dad ... Charles Cioffi
Irene Barris ... Tina Lifford
Jerry Hegeman ... Michael Harris
Hans ... Vincent Castellanos
Shannon Steele ... Kira Reed
Mike ... Mark Brown
Tina ... Nell Balaban
Beautiful Guy ... Wallace Kurth
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