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I Love You, Don't Touch Me! - 1997
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Movie Overview:
I Love You, Don't Touch Me! is a comedy about the pitfalls of romance in the 1990s, Katie (Marla Schaffel) is an aspiring songwriter living in California. Katie is also a virgin; she's saving herself for the perfect man who she is coming to realize may not exist. Katie often shares the trials of her love life with her friend Janet (Meredith Scott Lynn), who isn't having much luck either in landing her dream guy. Katie's good friends with Ben (Mitchell Whitfield), a sweet guy who is crazy about Katie and wants more than a platonic relationship. Katie, doesn't think he's the right man and prefers to keep things platonic. Katie is shocked when Ben sleeps with Janet. Katie meets Richard Webber (Michael Harris), a successful British songwriter, and she thinks she's found her prince, but soon realizes he's charming, but no prince.
Cast Listing:
Katie ... Marla Schaffel
Ben ... Mitchell Whitfield
Richard Webber ... Michael Harris
Janet ... Meredith Scott Lynn
Lou Candela ... Jack McGee
Jones ... Darryl Theirse
Mom ... Julie Ariola
Elizabeth ... Nancy Sorel
David Barclay ... Wallace Kurth
Dad ... Victor Raider-Wexler
Analyst ... Sara Van Horn
Margo ... Debbie Munroe
Vagrant ... Tim De Zarn
Deidre ... Janine Venable
Lisa ... Julie Davis
Audition Man ... Michael A. Candela
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